Lynxx found his love for Trance & Acid back in 1996.
His passion for Hard Trance was born in 1998 when he got Kai Tracid´s "Destiny's Path".
The mixture of hard beats, mindblowing Acid, fat basslines and euphoric melodies was exactly what Fred loves.

In 2002 Fred bought his first turntables and spent a lot of time on the decks and in different record stores.

Two years later, when Hard Trance in Germany was at its peak and less tracks were released on vinyl he decided to sell his turntables and spend his time for other things.

His love for Hard Trance got some new impulse when he was listening to his old records back in 2007.
Fred decided to start producing his own tracks. After many setbacks, sleepless nights and countless YouTube tutorials he finally finished his first track.
From now on he learned more and more and had his first contacts to other producers. Lynxx got his first release this year and many other tunes will follow.

He is also part of the german Hard Trance duo "Krauts On Acid".

Ansprechpartner: Fred Holley, Hyper Reality Records

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